Our pre-drawing machine helps you to reduce the dimensions of the primary material. In direct combination with a press for example, the wire dimension may individually be adapted to the pressing job. Our machines work in a range of diameters between 1.5 and 25mm. The horizontal drawing capstans facilitate the pulling-in of the wire. The diameters of the drawing capstans range from 300 to 1000mm. The wire paid-off is guided via sensor roll to the following machinery. This also controls the speed of the drawing machine.

Depending on the machine size the sensor roll is operated via spring load, pneumatically or hydraulically. According to the purpose of operation the pre-drawing machine can be equipped with a successive advancing unit. The machine can be adapted individually to the requested drawing job by flexibility in the use of drawing lubricant and steplessly adjustable drawing speed of up to 240 m/min.

Pre-Drawing Machine VZ (pdf 1.2 MB)