1. Yksimäntäiset tunkit EH 350 ja EH 200

Näitä tunkkeja voidaan käyttää yhdessä erilaiseten lisäosien kanssa useisiin tehtäviin:

  1. By using the claw (order no. 04-0041-P) long strokes are possible from low lifting points.
  2. When fitted with the pressure piece (supplied as standard accessory) it is used whenever long strokes are required from high lifting points.
  3. When used with the head piece (06-2352), rounded head piece (06-2353) and also rocker bearing support (06-3351) the jack 04-0041 forms an important part of the uprighting device.

2. Tilting jack

The tilting jack is used for lifting two-axle vehicles and putting them back on the track.
During this operation the tilting jack performs the lifting and lateral displacement movements simultaneously while the associated hooked wheel stop prevents the wheel coming off the rail.

3. Internal lifting jack EH 100

This single piston jack is intended for use with interior lifting points in trams and subway carriages.
The internal lifting jack has an unlockable non-return valve with a pressure safety device at each end. The downward travelling piston is equipped with a rocker support which can compensate for inclined positions of the jack. The form of the jack can be adapted to different lifting devices or to adapter types, threaded connections and attachment functions. The bayonet adapter can be positioned as desired, such as centrally or at the top.

Sonstige Heber

Typ EH 350-1030
gr. Pratzenheber
EH 350-1030
ohne Pratze
EH 200-658
kl. Pratzenheber
EH 200-597
EH 100
Bestell-Nr. 04-0041P 04-0041 04-0021-1 04-0021-2 04-0010
Bauhöhe (mm) 1030 1030 658 597 ***
Anzahl der Kolben 1 1 1 1 1
Gesamthub (mm) 660 825 416 400 ***
Effektivkraft I* (kN) 339 339 190 199 115
Füllvolumen (l) 9,3 9,3 2,6 2,7 ***
Gewicht (kg) 125 70 41 57/16 ***
Pratzenhöhe (mm) 105 100**
Auf Wunsch sind Innenheber auch mit größeren Effektivkräften lieferbar.

* mögliche Abweichung der angegebenen Kräfte: ±5%
** einschließlich Gelenkauflagerplatte
*** abhängig vom Fahrzeugtyp