Wet wire drawing machines are slip drawing machines which are designed for drawing of high-strength steel wire, stainless steel wire and wire of non-ferrous metals.

The desired quality of the wire and a economic lifetime of the drawing tool are reached due to a diameter reduction per draft that is adequate to the tensile strength of the wire as well as a straight guiding of the wire through the drawing dies. The metal abrasive wear settling in front of the drawing die is washed away by the highly intense direct cooling. This separate device allows for a reliable lubrication of the drawing dies and a good heat exhaust from this area.

Wet wire drawing machines are produced in different sizes:
– single-chamber wet wire drawing machine with submerged
lubrication up to 12 drafts
– double-chamber wet wire drawing machine with submerged
lubrication up to 25 drafts
– fine wire wet drawing machine with spray lubrication up to
31 drafts
On these machine types wire with diameters ranging from 0.8 to 0.02mm can be produced at a speed of up to 30 m/s.

Special features of wet wire drawing machines:
– direct guiding of the wire into the drawing die due to patented
wire guiding
– additional jets for the washing of the drawing dies
– better plant availability due to double-chamber design
– maintenance-free design due to contact-free gasket system
– low noise level despite high drawing speed
– compact modern shift equipment integrated, operation directly
at the machine
– easy to operated due to overhead drawing tools
– installation without foundation guarantees flexibility and easy commissioning

Wet Wire Drawing Machine (pdf 1.5 MB)