Precision. Innovation. Integration.

WAFIOS Umformtechnik GmbH is among the leading manufacturers of innovative machine technology and tools for cold and warm forming with traditional brands like HILGELAND, KIESERLING, NUTAP and MRP.
The focal point of our product portfolio are cold formers for the production of high quality fasteners made of steel wire, stainless steel, high alloy, and exotic materials.

Furthermore, our integrated solutions are completed with the secondary operation machines, long life quality tools and our comprehensive service.
We offer the optimal solutions for your systems. Our product range span from single-stroke-, double-stroke- and multistation headers to thread rolling machines, pointing and nut tapping machines.
With our experience in Tool-Engineering inclusive feasibility studies and sequence of operation plans you expand your advantage of productivity and quality regarding your competition.

Our tooling – especially our thread rolling dies for the production of fasteners have unique characteristics and are used worldwide, they are a bench mark in the tooling business.

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EWMenn is a partner for the industry when it comes to highest demands on precision, efficiency, flexibility and security of thread and profile rolling machines. As technological leader EWMenn has shaped the industry for many years and today we are desiging solutions for the future. With EWMenn you are always on the safe side – yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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