Single counter support

To be inserted into the bores of the rerailing bridge. It is used for holding the displacing jack.

Counter support with bolt lock

This is also used for holding the displacing jack. The support is fixed to the rerailing bridge using a spring-loaded bolt which automatically locks into the next hole in the rerailing bridge during hydraulic operation of the displacing jack. It can be unlocked by means of a handle on the counter support. This enables the displacing jack to be hydraulically traversed with automatic locking so that the displacing stroke can be repeated as often as necessary.

Twin counter support and twin head socket

The twin counter support in combination with the twin head socket is always used when high lateral pushing forces are needed. The twin head socket is to be positioned in a pocket of the roller carriage and should accommodate two parallel operating displacing jacks.

Stopping device for roller carriages

Use in combination with a counter support. It is used for locking the roller carriages when relocating the displacing jacks (especially in the case of superelevations).

Axle pusher unit

To be used in combination with the displacing jack to move a wheel resting on the rail by its flange or as an auxiliary device for the lateral displacement of a lifted vehicle. This device often makes a complete lifting operation unnecessary. It consists of two retaining ropes with hooks and bolts together with a crossbeam of light-metal alloy. The displacing cylinder* is not included with this order number.

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