Benefits KBS

  • Robust machine design for the production of high-strength chains over a long period of time
  • Inline bending and welding with minimum space requirements
  • Synchronization of the bending and welding performance
  • Easy access to tools and devices
  • Wire surface is not damaged during bending, therefore high surface quality of chain
  • Higher welding performance due to individually adjustable rpm numbers for welding, deburring and transport
KBS 4.1
Wire diameter
at max. 750 N/mm² 5 – 10 mm
at max. 500 N/mm² 5 – 10 mm
Wire infeed length max. 160 mm
Inside length of links (pitch) max. 53 mm
Outside bending width, max 17 – 40 mm
Output, chain links 75 – 50 pcs./min