Hydraulic lifting jack

Hydraulische Heber

These lifting jacks made of high- strength light-metal alloy generally operate with the hydraulic re-pressure system at 30 MPa. A releasable return valve with pressure protection at both ends is mounted on the fixed integrated base, thus ensuring optimum stability. This prevents the load dropping in the event of hose severance, for example, and optimally protects the lifting jacks against overload and pressure multiplication. Safe and jerk-free operation is guaranteed even under full load.

By using piston support pieces and cylinder support rings (support set) it is possible to extend the stroke of all low-height lifting jacks step by step. Lifting jacks from all series have been coordinated with each other as regards lifting capacities and closed heights and stroke heights such that they can be used together without any problems. The high type of jack can continue with the work as soon as the low type has reached its stroke limits. Series 600, 1000 and 1200 flat-type jacks are available for dealing with extremely low lifting points. With these jacks the stroke can also be extended by means of support sets.