Benefits FTU Series

  • Considerably increased output optimizes unit costs, especially in large batch productions
  • Highest quality and repeat accuracy due to optimized, robust machine concept
  • More flexible application possibilities and shorter tool ingtimes with WAFIOS WPS 3.2 EasyCam
  • High compatibility with pre-existing sets of tools from the FTU series
  • In combination with insulation stripping device, machine can be used for the production of copper coils (option)
FTU 1.5
Wire diameter 0.2 – 1 mm
Enameled copper wire diameter 0.3 – 2 mm
Length of revolving first leg max. 50 mm
Spring body length max. 90 mm
Diameter of coiling mandrel d, max. 15 mm
Output-Springs 200 pcs./min